Fandom NFT
Fandom Token Economy: CRTR
CRTR is Fandom's utility token that will be used in a variety of ways in both Fandom's platform business and Fandom Studio's NFT content business. We will first concentrate on the successful launch of the platform and initial user acquisition. We will continue to enrich the utilities of CRTR to drive up demand by analyzing user data after our launch.
  • Payment for NFTs on Fandom’s marketplace can be made using multiple payment options: CRTR, Crypto Payment, FIAT Payment
  • CRTR will be used to bid on the Curated Collection auction
  • CRTR will be used vote for their favorite creator’s NFT during Fandom’s NFT Competition which will be held on Curated Collection
  • CRTR will be used to subscribe to your favorite creator's vip membership
  • CRTR will be used to determine the tier for Fandom Studio's NFT holders
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