1. The following whitepaper explains the project business plan and vision based on the time of composition, and intends to provide the overall content and roadmap information of the platform as well as its utility token $CRTR. The business plan and vision roadmap that are in this whitepaper are reference data to further develop both products and services provided by the TEAM.

  2. The contents of this whitepaper may be subjected to change notice even after the date hereof to reflect any updates in business operations, financial status, technological development, and market changes without prior notice; and any forward-looking statements of this whitepaper do include some uncertainty and unknown risks and such statements may be revised as a result of changes in market and circumstances.

  3. Whitepaper will be available for the readers with the latest information on the website, and the information may differ from those specified depending on the technical elements such as hosting and servers or the viewer's personal reading environment.

  4. Fandom Foundation disclaims any responsibility to notify the readers in case of changes occurred in the contents of this whitepaper as well as in the platform and future plans.

  5. This whitepaper does not intend to promote or suggest investment for FANDOM Project, and it does not contain any opinion regarding the purchase and selling of $CRTR. No information in this whitepaper should be considered as investment counseling or offering as the changes in the market could pose potential risks in trading.

  6. Utility token of FANDOM platform $CRTR is not a securities subject to investment, and it does not project any value of investment.

  7. The whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort in jurisdiction to protect investors. Please consult your own legal, financial, tax or other adviser regarding potential risks and profit.

  8. FANDOM disclaims any responsibility, compensation, or liability over any types of losses, damages, or debts caused by a decision made after referring to this whitepaper. This whitepaper does not guarantee any future profit or loss as a result of exchanging the tokens mentioned in this whitepaper.

  9. The publication and distribution of this white paper is restricted in countries where white papers are prohibited. Furthermore, the publication and distribution of this white paper do not guarantee any compliance with all the regulations of the country in which it was issued.

  10. Publication of this whitepaper and using the service of FANDOM Platform as well as exchanging $CRTR token may be restricted in certain countries. Therefore, you must comply with the laws and regulations of your residing country if you wish to possess this whitepaper or purchase $CRTR.

  11. This whitepaper serves as an official documentation about FANDOM, and it is written in English. This whitepaper may be translated into other languages; and in the event of inconsistency in the content generated during the translation process, the information in this white paper written in English shall be prioritized.

  12. fandom (CRTR) tokens, Fandom Foundations, and other operational and business matters are not obligated for disclosure other than those contained in this whitepaper; and even if such information is provided, it does not represent the Fandom Foundation or our affiliates and is not considered authorized.

  13. Some functions of fandom(CRTR) Token as written in this whitepaper may still be under development, and as the technology advances, the changes in encryption technology and methods, consensus protocols and algorithms can pose risks to fandom (CRTR) tokens, sales of tokens, fandom (CRTR) projects, fandom (CRTR) ecosystem and utilization of fandom (CRTR) tokens.

  14. FANDOM will reject the purchase request of participating in the exchange of fandom(CRTR) token from participants whose identity is insufficient, inaccurate, or misleading, at any time. Furthermore, all token transactions that intend to be used for any criminal funds such as drug transactions or money laundering and terrorism will be prohibited and unauthorized. This could also result limited or restricted access to the platform, and the purchase of NFTs or tokens in this case may be canceled or invalidated.

  15. If the operation of the Fandom Foundation and its partners is affected by force majeure, such as natural disasters, it may undermine the business model capabilities of asset management and change the business direction.

  16. All contents in this whitepaper are protected by copyright, and reproduction and redistribution of this whitepaper are prohibited without including disclaimers. When reproducing, redistributing, or publishing a white paper that does not contain this clause, the content contained in the whitepaper will be considered invalid. Furthermore, the contents of this whitepaper cannot be modified, linked, or used for both public or commercial purposes without the permission from Fandom Foundation.

  17. This whitepaper does not carry any legal binding for fandom (CRTR) token.

  18. FANDOM's liability and immunity scope is not limited to all of the above.

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