Token Utility

$CRTR will be used in a variety of ways to expand the FANDOM ecosystem as a utility token for fandoms and for platforms and NFT projects.

Platform Utilities

  • $CRTR can be used to subscribe to your favorite creators’ contents.

  • $CRTR can be used to buy a FANDOM creator membership NFTs and fan token airdrops participation.

  • $CRTR will be used as an approval token of pre-purchase listing, early access ticket, and raffle ticket of FANDOM NFTs.

  • $CRTR allows you to pay for products such as music albums, access tickets (music concert, fan-meeting, etc.) and merchandise goods offered by FANDOM creators.


  • $CRTR allows you to participate in the governance of the FANDOM Ecosystem.

  • $CRTR allows you to participate in a voting system that funds FANDOM creators and content production.


  • $CRTR tokens allow you to stake tokens on the FANDOM platform to earn creator membership NFTs and fan tokens.

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