💡 Background

Content is the currency of cachet and a building block for relationships. It allows prospective customers to gauge knowledge and provides a reason to return. Businesses can reach and retain a targeted audience by producing and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content. This will ultimately lead to profitable customer engagement. From digital content to feature films, music, television shows, plays, sports, games, performances, and virtual reality, entertainment content has the power to shape attitudes, cultures, and generate empathy.

In addition, the rapid growth of NFT technology is contributing to communities forming, maintaining, and operating in novel ways both online and offline. This exponential growth in technology means entertainment is no longer a siloed endeavor. It offers opportunities to create a stronger bond between content, community, brand, and consumers.

FANDOM STUDIO curates and directly invests in IPs to develop them as NFT products to increase engagement with consumers and create higher demand. We leverages the power of NFT in the content industry by developing a comprehensive strategy. The content strategy we develop is flexible enough to work for any business, regardless of its industry, products, or resources.

For our NFT marketing partner, we signed a partnership agreement with TikTok, the largest social media platform for short video content. By collaborating with TikTok, we will be able to gain access to over millions of creators and over 1 billion active users of TikTok.

FANDOM will initially start collaborating with renown artists and A-list stars. Once the user base increases and there is a healthy demand for NFTs, Fandom will focus on helping individual TikTok creators sell their NFTs following the steps of our NFTs cases.

Using the strong IP’s sourced by FANDOM STUDIO as the foundation of our own distribution platform; TikTok.fandom.co (managed by FANDOM Global), we aim to open up a ripple effect in which individual creators will develop a natural desire to create their own NFTs. Through Fandom, creators will be able to monetize the content uploaded on their social media, layer different types of relationships and social engagements with their fans, and leverage their current business models or provide long-term benefits to their fans outside of their social media.

This is why we founded FANDOM STUDIO, a content production that uses NFT to leverage them for creating a sustainable demand for our content.

FANDOM will continuously show how NFT technology impacts and improves global industries, how NFTs enhance the value of existing business models and come up with many new opportunities.

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