Fandom NFT
Key Investors
Jump Crypto is a division of Jump Trading Group, a research-driven quantitative trading firm and one of the largest traders, by volume, across traditional asset classes. For more on our history, culture and the road ahead, please visit us at and follow us on Twitter at @jump_ .
IDG Capital has been investing in China since 1993, making bets on companies including Baidu Inc., SenseTime Group Inc., Xiaomi Corp, and Tecent Holdings Ltd. It's invested in more that 1300 companies with 400+ successful exits, according to the company's website.
NGC Ventures is one of the largest institutional investors of blockchain and distributed technologies, and has been a key contributor to a number of leading blockchain projects. NGC strategically leverages and amplifies their portfolio in multiple industries to help create and enhance each portfolio's competitive advantages. Focusing on infrastructure, metaverse, DeFi, and CeFI, NGC has invested in companies such as Solana, Consensys, Polkadot, BitDao, Banxa, and Terra Virtua.
IOBC Capital is an investment institution focused on primary market investments in the blockchain industry. The team consists of senior financial professionals, experienced developers of blockchain technologies and the industry KOLs, which has successfully invested in many well-known projects.
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