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TikTok is the world's first short-form video platform and reached number one ranking in application downloads among 8 different countries with MAU (Monthly Activie Users) over 1 billion people worldwide. With high-performing personalization and recommendation engine algorithms, TikTok provides user-customized feeds; and from shooting to editing, anyone can create a video contents which is the reason that TikTok has a higher user engagement rate than any other platforms and become the essential marketing channel for all corporations and brands.
Established in 2022, MJ Assets Investment is the first cryptocurrency fund founded by Sheikh Majid Rashid AL Mualla from one of the ruling families in the UAE. MJ Assets Investment will focus on investment in consulting in crypto, blockchain, new energy, and real estate development.
Founded in 2015, Sandbox Network, Inc. is a digital entertainment company that provides multi-channel network services for digital contents. Sandbox is the second largest Multi-channel network company in Korea and the largest gaming content network. Sandbox Network is well-known for managing popular game creators including Dotty, who is also the company’s chief creative officer, with over 2.5 million subscribers. Sandbox Network is currently based in Seoul, South Korea with over 170 employees in production, management, content planning, and etc. Sandbox Network has closed its series C round investment having raised 25 billion won (US$27.75 million) in January 2019.
Founded in 2000, Chorokbaem Media is a KOSDAQ traded public company principally engaged in the entertainment business. The company operates its business through four segments. The Program Business segment produces television (TV) dramas. The segment is also involved in drama-related original soundtracks, coloring, character goods, theme parks and others. The management Business segment engages in star discovery, production, planning, public relations, marketing, content development and others. The Real Estate Business segment is involved in real estate lease business. Finally, the Investment Business segment engages in securities investment business.
Studio Episode is a brand & IP content commerce company which focuses on multiple segments of content commerce. Studio Episode has over 20 million aggregate subscribers from their various YouTube channels. Studio Episode creates content for many of the top YouTube channels in Korea and has partnerships with many famous brands such as Samsung, Kakao, Rolls-Royce, Heineken, Monami, Hyundai, and many more.
Fandom's brother company, Item Mania is Korea’s largest online game item, game cash, mobile gift, coupons trading platform, maintaining No.1 in industry for 19 years. Also has game portal service with 50 kinds of various games and new lineup, channeling service with 17 affiliates. Founder team of item mania also founded Bithumb, the first crypto exchange in Korea.
Fandom's brother company, ItemBay was founded in 2001, it was the world’s first online game item trading service and digital content marketplace. Well recognized for its safe and comfortable trading environment, ItemBay was the benchmark online game item trading in Korea.
ON THE WAY is an organization which runs charity campaigns leveraging popular culture and blockchain technology to create a sustainable and efficient donation trend. “ON THE WAY” is supported by many leading names in the music and entertainment industry from around the world. Proceeds from the campaigns will be donated to various non-profit organizations including United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR), Medecins Sans Frontiers, UNICEF.
Dexter Studios is KOSDAQ traded public company that develops and produces variable motion pictures, TV contents, and provides state-of-the-art visual effects from Asia's largest visual effects production.
HB Entertainment is a comprehensive entertainment company with film production and agency business. Its portfolio includes popular TV shows such as <Sky Castle>, <My Love from the Star>, <Yong-pal> and many more.
In 2020, H& Entertainment took its first step towards becoming a global entertainment company. H& Entertainment aims to lead the global cultural entertainment industry with artists loved all over the world and contents that are new and exciting.
Founded in 2016, serves more than 50 million customers and is the world's fastest growing global cryptocurrency platform. Our vision is simple: Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™. Built on a foundation of security, privacy, and compliance, is committed to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency through innovation and empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and entrepreneurs to develop a fairer and more equitable digital ecosystem. Learn more at
The Bonte Museum was established in 2012 where stunning nature is living in harmony with architecture and landscape as the name of the museum, bonte (本態, the original form) represent. The museum was designed by internationally renowned architect Tadao Ando who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize which is known as the Nobel Prize of architecture in 1995.
Ungbin ENS is a comprehensive entertainment agency that manages actors, singers, and other talents. Ungbin ENS also has a sports management sector in which they manage professional athletes, announcers, and plan and organize their own golf competitions.
PlayerAuctions is part of the world’s largest network of E-Commerce exchanges for digital products and services. They operate marketplaces where customers from around the world connect to buy and sell.
Founded in 2018, Ace Factory is a entertainment company focused on movie and video content development.
Studio Gate 6 is a comprehensive entertainment company composed of professionals in management, musicals, and movies. They produce many content with Tiktok.
SEM Company is a comprehensive entertainment company composed of professionals in management, musicals, and movies.
Founded in 2015, Yooborn Company is a South Korean entertainment agency that focuses on actor and actress management.
Founded in 2015, JDB Entertainment is a Korean entertainment company that was founded by a famous comedian in Korea. Although it mainly focuses on comedian management, JDB Entertainment also manages talents in acting, singing, and content development.
Fandom's brother company, GemVax Link wholesales and distributes apparel products. The company wholesales and distributes textiles, clothing, shoes, leather goods, and other related products. GemVax Link also offers luxury parallel import, comprehensive mall, software development, and wireless internet content services.
VI Asset Management Korea is an asset management company formerly known as Hi Asset Management Company. The company’s name was changed to “VI Asset Management Korea” after being acquired by “Hai Tian International Securities Limited, Hong Kong.”