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The Asia-Pacific region has approximately 2.5 billion active social media users — a jaw-dropping penetration rate exceeding 50%, and the creator economy has boomed together, with an estimated 200 million people in 2022 identifying as online creators.
Although there is a huge potential in this market, currently, there is no social media giant who provide a new business model for its creators through NFT or who has launched their own NFT landing platform.
Fandom aims to provide a platform where creators can monetize the contents uploaded on their social media accounts using NFTs. At Fandom, creators will be able to layer different types of relationships and social engagements with their fans, leverage their current business models, and provide long-term benefits to their fans outside of social media. Our services will offer an interactive and engaging experience for both creators and fans.
Fandom does not compete with social media platforms, but rather complement their blind spots. Currently, among the existing social media giants, except YouTube, no other platform offers AD revenue sharing for monetization of creators. Therefore, we targeted TikTok, the largest platform for short video content, as our initial partner and signed a partnership agreement with TikTok.
Once we grow our platform and have more users, we plan to reach out to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. By collaborating with social media giants, Fandom will gain access to billions of active users, and social media platforms will be able to provide new and creative monetization solutions to their creators.

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Our Vision & Goal