Fandom NFT


Fandom's network is based on ERC-20; and to improve the convenience and mutual operation and scalability between NFT chains, Fandom will support NFT issue and transfer using various chains. This increases the bidirectional compatibility and spread of NFT projects from various chains, and with enhanced compatibility, the users can purchase and trade NFT with higher degrees of freedom and compatibility than they did with the existing NFT transactions.
NFT-SWAP : Multi- and Cross chain Network NFT Protocol based upon the Purchase Demand


NFT-SWAP Protocol: Through its Lite Protocol “NFT-SWAP”, which supports NFT minting, revoking, and trading only, Fandom can process up to 100,000+ transactions per second.


On-Demand Multi-chain Minting / Cross-chain Swap / Revoke. One could execute a contract (minting / incineration / swap) through NFT-SWAP-SDK. Each transaction can simultaneously process up to 1024 contracts, and together with BLS Signature, a bulk of data will be submitted for a smart contract to validate the entire transactions at once. This reduces the data size per block, which will expedite the validation process and reduce the cost.


NFT SWAP supports modular and all other plug-in updates, not as a Consensus engine, but as a bridging component. Current NFT-SWAP-SDK supports ERC,BSC, Solana, Near, Avax, and Layer2 protocols, and will continue to collaborate with other excellent network services for further service expansion.
The system will provide alternative validation on a contract processed through a credible off-chain environment, and then validate again on-chain environment. This not only proves the accuracy of the calculation, but also validates that all transactions were made in a safe and secure environment. An industry standard high-performance device should be enough to create a secure environment, however it is not because of security of the device but rather because all data is stored on a blackbox.