Fandom NFT

NFT Content Business

Fandom has two major business sectors; NFT platform business and NFT content business.
Although our NFT platform business has great potential, we do not simply expect traditional creators from TikTok to try out an unfamiliar business model and platform.
By investing attractive contents and directly collaborating with content developers, Fandom plans to show successful monetization cases with NFT projects to provide an example for individual creators who want to earn directly from their fan fencing content on their Tiktok account
NFT is changing how communities form, sustain, and operate on-offline. We see great potential in this new movement where a stronger bond between the content, community, brand, and consumers is created.
We believe entertainment content has the strongest impact. Entertainment, mass media, and the performing arts can drive change because they shift attitudes, shape our culture, and generate empathy. Moreover, the exponential growth in technology means entertainment is no longer a siloed endeavor. Its influence is everywhere, including business, and therefore what’s good for entertainment can be good for business as well. And its influence comes in many forms, from digital form to feature films, television series, plays, performance and virtual reality etc.
Therefore, to utilize NFT in the entertainment business, we created our own NFT content division "FANDOM STUDIO”.
In the beginning, Fandom Studio will invest in and bring various types of cultural, art, and entertainment contents that will help raise Fandom’s brand awareness. Fandom will also collaborate with famous celebrities and content developers to utilize NFTs that will include various benefits such as artwork, access to pre-sale concert tickets, exclusive albums, and much more special benefits.
Using our content business as a stepping stone, we will grow our platform to evolve into an “IP business” which will help creators make their own irreplaceable brand. Furthermore, by working with leading entertainment companies, Fandom will create a ripple effect in which individual creators will naturally want to create their own NFTs.
Please visit the Fandom studio website for more information: