Timeless Melodies : Michael Jackson Tribute Album

In honor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, some of the world's top producers and artists have come together to create a tribute album. The album will be released as a regular and limited edition album containing NFTs with special utilities.

Behind Story

In 2006, Michael Jackson managed to maintain his privacy, with very few people knowing exactly where he was staying or what he was doing. He spent most of his time in Ireland, based at Grouse Lodge Studios. He and his family found sanctuary and could enjoy ordinary family life in the countryside.

Michael invited Will.i.am, Rodney Jerkins, and Neff-U to join him at Group Lodge to share creative ideas with plans to begin recording a new album once he completed “This Is It!” show run. Due to Michael’s untimely demise, Michael’s plan could not be fulfilled.

In 2022 as the world started recovering from the pandemic, Paddy Dunning, owner of Grouse Lodge Studios, met with a friend who was a K-Pop music executive and decided that the world needed a new injection of positivity.

A plan was born.

Dunning decided to invite Rodney Jerkins, Neff-U, and Will.i.am back to Grouse Lodge to record with superstar K-pop and international artists to make a tribute album to Michael.

So many artists want to show their respect and gratitude for how Michael opened the door and influenced generations who came after him. They know his genius needs to be acknowledged; perhaps now is the time.

Paddy said, "I know Michael had a strong affiliation with Korea, and his influence on K-Pop culture is undeniable. It became clear to me that this album would be a grand celebration to unite artists and fans from across the globe in a tribute to his life, talents, and music".

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