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Revenue-Driven Buyback

Sharing from (fandom platform)
Fandom Studio will operate a revenue-driven buyback mechanism in which the profit is accumulated for monthly buybacks to maintain CRTR value.
Fandom Studio provides NFT content to, and shares 30% of the revenue generated from the content with Fandom Studio. Fandom Studio will use it to buyback CRTR and the buybacked tokens can be burned or used for the ecosystem.
There are three types of revenue streams of :
  • 20% fee from the sales of NFT sold on Curated Collection --> 6% to CRTR Buyback
  • 2% fee from 2ndary sales and TikTok Moments (in the future) --> 0.6% to CRTR Buyback
  • 15~20% profit sharing from TikTok NFT AD landing --> Max 6% to CRTR Buyback