Fandom NFT
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Content-Driven Value

Fandom Studio’s content continuously drives the value of $CRTR.
Users can obtain 'Fandom points' through $CRTR staking. These points then act as tickets to get into the whitelist of NFT content sales from Fandom Studio. This will be the only method to qualify for the whitelist, meaning users will need several Fandom points acquired through $CRTR purchase and staking to meet the conditions of joining the whitelist for each content. Additionally, all pre-orders requested via Fandom's customer service channels (email, social media channels, etc) will be responded with the guidelines above on how to apply for a whitelist.
( Ex/ Users will earn 1 point per minute with 1 $CRTR staking. There will be no lock-up system, and Fandom points are only rewarded by $CRTR staking. )
By providing exclusive contents only purchasable using CRTR and providing discounts for those who purchase using CRTR, we will have continuous demand for CRTR.
  • Only CRTR token purchasers of Fandom NFTs will get 5% discount
  • Holding $CRTR tokens will be the basis for NFT holders to enjoy exclusive benefits.